Hub Ambassadors

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The Role

The Federation of Black Canadians is currently looking for Hub Ambassadors to support the development and management of our Provincial Hubs.

Time Commitment (approximate):

  • Dedicated Commitment – Team Member of a Hub – This person has signed up to be a member and email listserv to receive updates and opportunities 
  • Attends bi- weekly (or Monthly) meetings of the subgroup
  • Wants to help the hub grow by being a part of the planning team by doing any of the following: Ex: co- lead, hub ambassador, brings forward topics for discussion, looking for partners, etc. 3 – 6 per month (minimum 4 month commitment) 

Activities and Tasks:

  • Dedicated Commitment – General Member of a Hub
  • Review newsletters and emails when sent
  • Self elect to participate in any opportunities offered via email 
  • Share open opportunities with others in your network
  • Collaborate with Ambassadors of you region/city to prevent nuances from occurring 
  • Recruit 10 community members in your region
  • Participate in a 1:1 screening call with hub coordinator (code of conduct & orientation)  
  • Actively participate in hub group calls 
  • Review minute summaries and agendas 
  • Come prepared and open to a safe space for discussion 
  • Work with hub coordinator and programs coordinator to ensure to prep before meetings (agenda, topics, projects, opportunities)

Knowledge, Skill and Experience Profile:

(Competencies may vary across board members)

Current resident and or past resident of that Province and or Region 

Professional or volunteer expertise in any of the following  areas: 

  • Current events, collaborations, community engagement, finance, program development, fundraising, mentorship, stewardship, communications & marketing , advocacy, politics, the Canadian African Diaspora
  • Align with the core values and mission of the FBC
  • Align with the code of conduct policy of the FBC
  • Experience in organizational strategic planning 
  • A passion for community development 

Benefits of being a Member:

  • An opportunity engage in local, provincial and national conversations
  • Access to FBC updates and opportunities
  • Provide an additional community voice 
  • An opportunity to gain experience and learn more about internal opportunities 
  • An opportunity to have a tremendous impact in the community across Canada
  • Broaden your professional network
  • Provide support and direction for members all across Canada
  • Provide a public service