Anti-Black Racism

The most essential aim of the FBC is to eliminate Anti-Black racism in Canada. We aim to build a stronger foundation for our community as well. Based on the present realities and disparities within the Black community that are being hyper exposed and exacerbated by police brutality, microaggressions, and other factors of systemic racism. As one of the leading Black organizations, FBC aims to combat anti-Black racism through decolonized research, campaigns, petitions, and various initiatives, we aim to be equipped to dismantle, address,  and tackle anti-Black racism in all facets of Canadian society.

The following statistics are just some of the reasons why our focus is gravely important:

  • 43% of hate crimes in 2017 were motivated by hatred of a race or ethnicity and 16% of hate crimes in 2017 were specifically against Black populations.
  • Black males living in Toronto are 3 times more likely to be stopped and asked for identification by police. [1]
  • For example, Black Canadians make significantly less money than non-racialized Canadians regardless of how long their families have lived in Canada. [2]
  • Black residents are 20 times more likely than a White resident to be shot dead by police in Toronto* [3]
  • a 2019 survey indicates nearly half of Canadians believe discrimination against Black people is “no longer a problem” – even as 83% of Black people in Canada say they are treated unfairly at least some of the time.*


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