Criminal Justice Reform

Another one of the FBC’s core focuses has been Criminal Justice. There have been widespread calls to reform the Criminal Justice System in Canada. While this has already been a topic for many years, the recent death of George Floyd in the United States has further exposed the stark reality for Black People in a post-colonial world.

In 2015, the Government of Canada completed a broad examination of Canada’s criminal justice system[1]. This work builds upon the 2015 mandate letter to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada to conduct a review of the necessary changes that are required in the criminal justice system and the sentencing reforms made in the last decade[2]. Further work has been done by the Justice Department to conduct research and find out the perceptions of Canadians on the Criminal Justice Reform system. These include the National Justice Survey of 2017. The main issues highlighted from the research from these studies include issues of lack of representation of Indigenous peoples, vulnerable and marginalized people, and victims and survivors of crime.[3] The FBC seeks to use the information from these studies in order to promote a reform to the Canadian justice system, in order to protect Black lives.


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