Anti-Black racism is a reality that Black Canadians must contend with.

Anti-Black racism is a reality that Black Canadians must contend with as we seek to build a stronger foundation for our children, youth, families and communities. Anti-Black Racism describes the specific ways that racism in its systemic, interpersonal and internalized forms impacts and affects Black people and Black communities.

In Canada, anti-Black racism is common in systems such as justice, health, education, labour, cultural institutions, and the media.”

Addressing systems of oppression, discrimination and anti-Black racism in all of its forms, the FBC seeks to ensure that Black Canadians are valued, represented and celebrated in the Canadian fabric. By working in partnership, and leveraging the collective strength and diversity of Black Canadians, we believe that our community integration into all socio-economic and cultural aspects of Canadian society will be realized.

Your Voice Is Important To Us

Your voice is important to us. We want to hear the ideas from more people across Canada as to how we can work together to address anti-Black racism and elimination all forms of oppression and discrimination targeting Black Canadians.

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