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We partner with organizations to advance our mission forward.

Partner With Us

Help us make a social impact today! Join our ecosystem of corporate partners who see the importance of helping the community. As a partner and supporter of FBC your company can ensure it is taking an equitable approach to its corporate social responsibility goals. FBC was founded around the principle that systemic barriers have kept the Black Canadian community underserved. Through our research, community projects, and advocacy we strive to dismantle anti-black racism and support growth in economics, health, justice, and education. We work with our national community and allies to build bridges, partnerships, and to strengthen our voice and impact for change.

Below you will find examples of ways your organization can support and work with FBC to create systemic change but do not be afraid to share your ideas as well.

Transformative Partnerships

We believe in transformative partnerships that will have a rippling positive social impact.

In order to strengthen the voice of Black Canadians across Canada and ensure stability in our community engagement practices, we have created various structures, tables, and groups to support our mandate such as: Provincial Hubs, a National Youth Council, an Ally and Elders Advisory and a Black Led Groups Network entitled: Partners in Principle. Corporate gifts from companies like yours, allow us to ensure that these core engagement structures remain stable, funded, and support organizing for all projects, research, and advocacy. These structures are what makes the FBC authentic, accessible, and transparent to the community supporting our mantra – “Nothing about us without us”.

Furthermore, core development of any community serving organization is always needed and we appreciate all gifts of support to ensure we can support our staff, volunteers, infrastructure, removal of precarious employment opportunities, and allows us financial stability to focus on serving the community across Canada.

Connect with us to learn more about how you can help and or share your ideas:

In Kind Support

​Have Industry Experts? We are always looking for people with various backgrounds, skill sets, and professional knowledge to support our projects.

Capacity building is a key need for many local grass root groups serving the community. FBC prides itself on using its platform and network to continually host free live webinars and events that help provide training, education, and tips to smaller community groups doing amazing work in their local settings.

Let us know what area’s expertise your company can offer. Possibly, nominate an employee to become a speaker at one of our upcoming capacity building workshops, panels, or events. In addition you are more than welcome to suggest a topic as well. We have a network of over 5000 members over 200 groups/ NFP’s and businesses which might benefit from your groups knowledge and experience

Connect with us to learn more about how you can help and or share your ideas:


    Ontario Hub

    The importance for every individual to have the resources and opportunities for health and wellbeing in order to be able to address systemic health challenges and barriers can never be overemphasized.  As such, we have carefully gathered the following  resources that will be helpful to you and your loved ones. Should you have other resources you would like to share with us for future broadcast, we would be happy to oblige.

    Barriers to Employment

    Hi FBC fam! To kick off Black History Month FBC is hosting events around employment in the Barriers to Employment in the Federally Regulated Finance Sector. Come join us as we invite HR Professionals who can provide tips about employment opportunities, share their...

    These are groups we worked with in the past year alone!