Regional Hubs

Together We Are Building a Stronger Community

The FBC Regional Hubs facilitate community building by creating platforms for members to connect. They are a safe space to share opportunities and experiences, raise issues for discussion and develop action plans. Each hub meets once a month, however, engagement between FBC staff and Hub members is ongoing between meetings.

We actively work alongside our Hub members to support the initiatives within each of our priority areas.

FBC’s Provincial Hubs also provide a platform for larger general membership meetings, events, community projects, and focus groups. When members sign up for the FBC, they have access to all news, updates, and events related to their regional hubs.

Community Engagement Week

FBC’s Community Engagement Week occurs during the last week of every month.


Provincial Hub Teams

Within our Provincial Hubs are smaller teams of Hub Members who take on special projects to:

  • Contribute to the FBC national agenda.
  • Collaborate with fellow provincial residents to address issues.
  • Initiate projects in their region.
  • Engage and educate their community around local/ provincial and national issues and opportunities dealing with the Black community.
  • Discuss provincial and national advocacy priorities.
  • Develop province-wide action plans and advocacy projects.
  • Act as a leadership group that is able to inform the priorities, engagement, and advocacy of the hub in collaboration with the Regional Coordinator.
  • Collaborate with other provincial hubs/hub teams in relevant projects or initiatives.
  • Support the sharing of information, opportunities, and supports Initiate community connections and FBC membership recruitment.
  • Plan events for the wider provincial hub members.

Provincial Hub Teams may comprise 3-15 members. As volunteers, we ask that PHT members commit a minimum of 5 hours a month to the group.

If you would like to create a Provincial Hub Team in your province or have a question, email us at

Investing 101 Webinar | July 18

Investing is an important skill to learn in order to maximize your income and grow your money. In partnership with the Wealthsimple Foundation, we will be teaching you the foundations of investing and answering any of your questions regarding how to invest as a...

Anti-Black Racism Toolkit | July 29

Join us in person, at the National Black Canadians Summit, for the first presentation of the Black Pulse Toolkit. Register for the Summit

Black Civic Engagement | Multiple

The FBC is proud to present another elections night supported by BlackCan and the Black Opportunity Fund. The Elections Town Hall will include Black electoral candidates from all parties to showcase their work and parties platform. Registration coming soon for: Quebec...

Ontario Hub

The importance for every individual to have the resources and opportunities for health and wellbeing in order to be able to address systemic health challenges and barriers can never be overemphasized.  As such, we have carefully gathered the following  resources that will be helpful to you and your loved ones. Should you have other resources you would like to share with us for future broadcast, we would be happy to oblige.

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