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The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) is a national, non-profit organization, driven by Black organizations across the country. The Federation of Black Canadians advances the social, economic, political and cultural interests of Canadians of African descent. The overarching mantra is that we are “Stronger Together – Nothing about Us Without Us” Join us in our fight against racial injustice. Together we can create a better life for Black Canadians.

Core Values

  • Caring in the overall well-being of all within our African Diaspora family mosaic
  • Respect for the diversity of viewpoints within our African Diaspora family mosaicIntegrity in the way we treat others within our African Diaspora family mosaic
  • Responsibility in the way we equitably serve all Canadians within our family mosaicInclusiveness and openness in the way we embrace all within our African Diaspora family mosaic
  • Appreciation that our personal success is largely based on the contributions of those who fought the good fight before. This is just our turn.

Ways to get involved

Become a Member and receive access to FBC surveys, town-halls, local provincial hub meetings. Explore our membership options by clicking below.

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Our Corporate Partners are integral to the Federation. Through in kind support, monetary donations and access to resources, they allow us to move our mission forward.

Corporate Partnerships

Black led businesses and or non for profits. Join our Partners in Principle (PIP) group to help bring a voice to the needs of Black businesses across Canada.

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$25 – In addition to all general membership rights, you also receive voting rights at the National Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any other National Special Meeting (NSM) of the Members.

Become a Paid Member

We work with Allies who are doing the work to dismantle the system, and working towards change.  

Become an Ally

As a nonprofit organization, Volunteers are integral to the success of the Federation.


Your Gift Makes a Difference

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Membership Types

General Membership

  • Receive a membership online profile
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter
  • Receive FBC surveys and event invitations including town hall discussions.
  • Invitation to annual AGM

Paid Membership

  • All the benefits of a general membership
  • Invitation to the National FBC AGM with the status of voting member
  • Receiving invites to Annual General Meetings and any special meeting(s) of the Membership.

Youth Membership

Discover the Youth Council

  • Receive a membership online profile
  • Receive the quarterly newsletter
  • Receive FBC surveys and event invitations including town hall discussions
  • Invitation to annual AGM

Ally Membership

Allies are defined as an individuals, and/or groups that believe in the mission, goals, and values of the FBC but does not self identify as Black and or as part of the African Diaspora.

By endorsing this form you are forthright a General Member (1 year re-newable term) of the Federation of Black Canadians and are therefore entitled to all of the membership privileges of General Membership including but not limited to:

  1. Receiving a membership online profile
  2. Receiving a quarterly newsletter
  3. Receive invites to any town hall discussions

PIP Membership

Learn more about the Partners in Principle Group

  • Provide platforms to hear from you, listen to your viewpoints and concerns along with the broader community
  • Acknowledge your partnership via a personal profile
  • Extend opportunities to partner on events, advocacy campaigns, and grant opportunities 
  • Invite you to participate in data-driven research to identify new opportunities and initiatives 
  • Recognize your organization as a voting member of the National Partners group   
  • Use the Federations various platforms to extend your reach and awareness of your organization

More ways to get involved

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Corporate Partnerships