General Donation

Welcome to the Federation of Black Canadians

By making a gift today you are helping to ensure that the Federation is able to support the asks and needs of Black Canadians across the country. Your gift today supports the development of an interconnected voice province to province through physical hubs, national advocacy, the development of a youth council and organizational sustainability. At this time receipts are not tax-deductible as we are registered as a Non-For-Profit but with your continued support, we hope to grow to charitable status within the coming years. Your gift today supports our mission, sustainability and our growing capacity to support our community on a national level. Thank you

FBC is a nonprofit organization which means we primarily rely on donations and government funding to provide opportunities to our community. Your Donation will help us create a better community and resources for Black Canadians and will go towards:


  1. Capacity Building (Businesses and Nonprofits)
  2. Youth Engagement
  3. Operations
  4. Events with community and coporate partners
  5. Community Resources
  6. Award grants to Community-based Projects Nationally


There are three options to donate

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