Our Work


Our work is supported across three of our community platforms.

FBC’s Regional Hubs are platforms that allow community members to connect and collaborate with the support and resources of the FBC, as well as a direct line to participate in FBC’s national initiatives.

The Youth Council is led by team members between the ages of 15 and 29. The council ensures that the youth voice is heard, represented, and catered to across all of FBC’s priority areas.

Our national Partners In Principle (PIP) group is comprised of Black led businesses and non for profits. The group works together to bring a voice to the needs of Black businesses across Canada.


Barriers to Employment

Hi FBC fam! To kick off Black History Month FBC is hosting events around employment in the Barriers to Employment in the Federally Regulated Finance Sector. Come join us as we invite HR Professionals who can provide tips about employment opportunities, share their...

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History of Vaccination

Background: The history and the mistrust of vaccination and the healthcare system in Canada and the United States (US) stem out from multiple experiences of racism, including discriminatory healthcare practices from slavery through the post-Civil Rights era (Harris et...

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Resiliency Through Covid-19

In the spring and summer of 2020 the Federation of Black Canadians heard loud and clear that our members felt that Covid-19 was an enormous concern within the community.

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