Black Civic Engagement

Working towards improving the civic engagement outcomes for Black communities, in particular youth, to exercise their civic duty and VOTE.

Partnership with Black Opportunity Fund, and Black CAN.

Stats have shown that Black communities are more disconnected from the electoral process and have lower numbers of people who vote, run, and or volunteer in elections, and FBC and Black CAN want to develop user-friendly educational digital toolkits to provide information on elections, information on how the elections process works, highlight events, important dates, and organize various workshops and panel events to get community educated and active. We want the community to have information such as: when elections are, where and how to register and vote, how and why to get involved, volunteer, potentially run, and or just be aware of who is running.

The FBC, Black Opportunity Fund, and Black CAN are pleased to have partnered for the 2021 fall federal elections education and civic engagement campaign and for several upcoming 2022 provincial and municipal elections.

    Project Goals:


    Increase voter turnout across the country


    Inform and educate community members about the importance of civic engagement


    Create meaningful and powerful conversations around involvement of community members in politics

    According to Elections Canada, only 62.2% of Canadians participated in the 2021 Federal Elections. This is compared to 2019 which had a voter turnout of 67% 


    The FBC, Black Opportunity Fund, and Black CAN (a western Canadian NPF) are once again partnering for the 2022 Canada-wide provincial and municipal elections. Last year, we ran an educational and civic engagement campaign around the 2021 fall federal elections. This year, we are raising awareness of voter turnout and civic duty.

    Our aim is to tackle anti-black racism and promote job opportunities in electoral spaces as well as motivating our community members to engage with elections. By encouraging our national Black Community to learn more about elections, the political process, and civic engagement, we will have the numbers to create real change in our communities across the country. 

    Register to Vote

    ProvinceLink to RegisterVoting Day
    British ColumbiaRegisterOctober 15
    OntarioRegisterOctober 24
    ManitobaRegisterOctober 26
    Prince Edward IslandRegisterNovember 7

    Thank you to our sponsors and supports

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