February 2021 


Addressing criminal justice reform is a key pillar of the Federation of Black Canadians. We at FBC understand that minority groups, including Black Canadians have been disproportionally negatively impacted by police and the criminal justice system.  In the wake of calls for police reform, one of FBC’s working groups did a literature review on policing reform, abolition and defunding. Here is the abstract:

“This literature review first covers the administrative and legal scholarship behind police reform debates. It then moves into the central tenants of abolitionist theory before comparing both reformist and abolitionist debates. Next, an overview of transformative justice and reformative justice models are provided to help expand on key concepts and how these ideas fit into the Canadian context. This is then followed by a deep dive into police reform efforts worldwide, including the UK, Scotland, North America, and Scandinavia. Next, the literature review explores the correlation between increased social spending and lower crime rates. The final section analyzes various disarmament efforts around the world.”

 Please use the link below to access the findings of the research project.

Addressing and ensuring the total health of Black Canadians is a central priority in the mission of the Federation of Black Canadians. In the wake of COVID-19, numerous studies have shown that Black Canadians are being significantly impacted by the virus. This is not only physical but socially and financially.

COVID-19 has drastically impacted all areas of life, and with the support of our members, we hope to bring awareness to these effects on our communities. In this regard, the FBC supported students from the University of Toronto’s School of Dentistry, Rouzbeh Ostadsharif Memar, and Lis Grinfeld to raise awareness about the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on access to dental care for Black Canadians and propose practical solutions for facilitating equity in access to oral care. Over the course of several months, the research team collected data through various surveys distributed to FBC members and peer-reviewed articles.

On behalf of the FBC, we would like to thank Rouzbeh Ostadsharif Memar and Lis Grinfeld for their initiative and keen interest in supporting marginalized communities. Please use the link below to access the findings of the research project.


    Provide some historical context to the conversation of Defund, Abolish and or Reform the Police


    Provide a stepping stone to engage our provincial hubs in the conversation around how they are affected by police and the justice system in their communities and what needs to change

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