Empowerment Through Connection: Join the Black Builders Network Today!

The Black Builders Network is a transformative platform for individuals and organizations dedicated to shaping the future of Black communities in Canada. This membership is a gateway to a vibrant network of black entrepreneurs, non-profits and organizations.

By joining the Black Builders Network, you gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive community that empowers and amplifies your efforts. This platform not only fosters personal and professional growth but also drives collective action, addressing systemic issues and advocating for change.

Whether you are an aspiring leader, an established professional, or simply someone passionate about creating a more equitable Canada, the Black Builders Network provides a space for collaboration, learning, and meaningful impact. It is a dynamic hub for all sorts of black professionals.

The three membership tiers offered by FBC are:

  • Free Membership: Join for $0/year and access essential resources and networking opportunities to grow your organization.
  • Premium Membership: For $150/year (limited time offer, act fast!), unlock exclusive privileges like priority presentations, early access to webinars, and premium listing on the Black Business Directory.
  • All-Access Membership: Coming soon. Contact us for details on this upcoming tier offering even more opportunities for impactful engagement.

Become a Black Builder today!

“FBC has helped me expand my reach and capacity, allowing me to connect with more Black youth and provide them the educational support they need.”

Keanu Lloyd, CEO Turtle Power Tutoring

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