Immunization Partnership Fund

We partnered with the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) through the Immunization Partnership Fund to help close the vaccine gap among populations with lower vaccine uptake.

This project had three objectives: A community micro contribution project to provide several Black youth groups the opportunity to further engage the community and address Covid-19 misinformation, report back to our national community on our Resiliency Through Covid19 (RTC) Research work, and a Covid-19 Booster and Vaccine Clinic Mapping and Awareness Campaign.

We hosted an event on healthcare equity featuring a panel discussion and presentation on resilience through Covid-19. The event had 83 attendees with 200 registrations. We also compiled a list of booster shot locations and launched a social media awareness campaign.

The Micro Contribution Award recipients were the African Youth Growth Foundation, Racialized Students in Healthcare, Jaku Konbit, Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum, and Restore International Foundation.

Images of Zoom meetings from the Immunization Partnership Fund Event

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