Student Support for Learning Program (SSLP)

We are excited to announce that we launched the Student Support for Learning Program (SSLP) in February to support over 120 high school youth across five provinces. The program will allows FBC to provide educational bursaries to several hard working youth from among the provincial cohorts.

The funding is being provided by the Student Support for Learning Program (SSLP) within the Federal Government’s Service Canada department. Founded in 2017, one of FBCs focus areas has been to eliminate systemic barriers in all levels of education, which is in line with the SSLPs goal to make sure students have the educational support needed for future success.

We partnered with Skills For Life to launch the first cohort in Brampton. Each week the students had a 1-hour learning session followed by a 1-hour basketball session. Their graduation ceremony took place on April 2nd and the students received their certificate of completion and $1500 each to support their education. Registrations for the Alberta, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, BC and NWT cohorts are now open.

Images of SSLP Cohort 1 students at their Basketball Training Session

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