The Black Accessibility Knowledge (BLAck) Hub

The Black Accessibility Knowledge (BLAcK) Hub is Canada’s first ever all encompassing Black-centred accessibility hub! It is a confidential, fully accessible, and free resource for Black people with disabilities of all ages, their families, caregivers and support networks. Black people with disabilities informed and designed the Hub to bridge the structural gaps and address systemic barriers in accessing Black-focused disability resources, services, and knowledge at the intersection of Blackness, disability and gender.

Ase Community understands the unique challenges that we as Black people with disabilities encounter; including experiences of anti-Black racism, ableism, and gender discrimination. They are committed to creating access to safe spaces, culturally-relevant supports, and critical resources. Through the BLAcK Hub, they aim to foster a dynamic sense of community, facilitate knowledge sharing, and encourage connections across communities.

Service Directory: Free access to a diverse range of specialists, practitioners, providers, businesses, and community organizations who specialize in supporting the needs of Black people with disabilities.

Disability Resources: Disability-related resources, toolkits, and websites. Build your understanding of all types of disabilities, access critical government financial resources, benefits, and grants, and manage your own disability accommodations and journey.

Knowledge Catalogue: Research findings, policy papers, reports, conference proceedings, and educational materials that explore the intersection of Blackness, disability, and gender.

For help or to learn more about how to navigate the Hub, please send an email to

The Black Accessibility Knowledge (Black) Hub

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