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February 27, 2024

Promoting Equity in Healthcare

The Federation of Black Canadians recently hosted an impactful event aimed at promoting equity in healthcare.  To view the slides from our presentation click here. With the dynamic duo of Faduma Wais and Gloria McMayoni as hosts, the evening began on a note of inclusivity with an acknowledgment of the land and the hosts’ introduction.

The event kicked off with an interactive Zoom session where attendees shared their experiences with vaccinations, setting the stage for a series of engaging discussions and presentations throughout the evening.

Chris Thompson, the Executive Director, offered insights into the FBC’s collaborations with various organizations to address and improve equity in healthcare, setting a tone of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Featured Speakers:

Effie Argyropoulous – Digital Public Square

Digital Public Square (DPS) is a Toronto-based nonprofit dedicated to leveraging technology for the betterment of communities. Effie, as the Project Lead at Digital Public Square, shared insights into our partnership with DPS, specifically highlighting their project “Moving at the Speed of Trust.” This initiative serves as an online engagement platform designed to facilitate learning and sharing experiences related to healthcare within our community.

The primary objective of “Moving at the Speed of Trust” is to gain a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives within Black communities regarding vaccine hesitancy. Effie underscored the importance of creating inclusive and safe spaces for discussions, particularly concerning COVID-19 vaccinations and vaccine hesitancy among Black individuals. Additionally, she emphasized the significance of actively involving the Black community in collaborative endeavors, adhering to the principle of “Nothing about us, without us.”

The overarching mission of DPS is to combat misinformation and promote behaviors conducive to health, with a strong emphasis on fostering trust through transparent and reliable communication.

Bethelemhem Girmay – Global Health and Innovation Lab

Beth, a recent graduate from McMaster University with a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology, serves as a Research Assistant in the Global Health and Innovations Lab (GHIL). Currently, she is immersed in a qualitative study on sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) in partnership with the Federation of Black Canadians.

Beth’s research sheds light on the alarming rise of STBBIs among Black populations in Canada. Her project is centered on knowledge mobilization, employing diverse tools such as plain-language summaries, research reports, and infographics to enhance awareness and preventive measures.

The overarching goal is to apply implementation science methodologies to generate new insights into improving awareness of preventive measures and testing for STBBIs among Black communities in Canada. To achieve this, the study has several key objectives:

  1. Assess the level of evidence-based knowledge and awareness of STBBIs within the Black community.
  2. Examine the barriers to accessing information regarding preventive measures and testing for STBBIs, with the aim of supporting the development of effective awareness workshops tailored to the Black community.
  3. Evaluate the barriers and facilitators influencing the application of preventive measures to reduce STBBIs among Black communities.
  4. Develop recommendations for mobilizing knowledge surrounding preventive measures related to STBBIs among Black communities, aiming to inform future social policy interventions.

The study employs qualitative research methods, including semi-structured interviews and focus groups, targeting stakeholders within the Black population aged 18-34 and key informants such as STBBI experts in Ontario. These methodologies ensure comprehensive data collection to facilitate informed decision-making and action.

We are looking for more participants for this study, eligible participants may qualify for compensation upon completion of the study. Please email for more details on how to participate.

Joshua Lawal – FBC

Joshua provided insights into the Immunization Awareness Campaign and the multiple organizations that we gave micro-grants to help them run awareness campaigns in their local communities and introduced the panelists for the evening. Biobelemmoye Irabor, Aderinsola Obafisoye, and Olivia Nwaokocha shared their experiences and perspectives on various aspects of healthcare equity, including building trust, addressing vaccine hesitancy, and engaging community leaders to promote vaccine awareness and uptake.

Panel Discussions and Engagement:

The panelists delved into four main questions, sharing their expertise and insights garnered from their experiences in the field. Attendees actively participated with questions and comments, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and strategies.

Questions posed to the panelists include:

  1. From your experience in the field, what do you feel has worked well to increase confidence with the healthcare system among marginalized groups, and what parts of the system do you feel still need to be improved?
  2. How can healthcare providers effectively address vaccine hesitancy and build trust among patients and communities?
  3. Are there culturally sensitive approaches or community-based interventions that have been successful in increasing immunization rates among Black populations?
  4. What strategies or initiatives have shown promise in engaging Black community leaders, organizations, and influencers to promote vaccine awareness, acceptance, and uptake?

Throughout the evening, the emphasis remained on collaborative efforts, trust-building, and culturally sensitive approaches to address healthcare disparities and promote equity.

Final Remarks

The Equity in Healthcare event hosted by the Federation of Black Canadians was a resounding success, offering valuable insights, fostering meaningful discussions, and inspiring collective action towards a more equitable healthcare system for all.

To view the slides from our presentation click here.

If you’d like to watch the whole event here is the Zoom recording.

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