Immunization Partnership Fund

Federation of Black Canadians in partnership with the Public Health Agency of Canada. Funded by the Government of Canada.

Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is partnering through the Immunization Partnership Fund (IPF), in helping close the gap among populations with lower vaccine uptake by enabling informed vaccination choices to ensure that Covid-19 is still prioritized as a health issue that needs to be prevented and addressed within the Black community. 

This project has 3 main objectives:


FBC Community micro contribution to promote Covid 19 ConfidenceFBC will provide small micro contributions to reach local diverse Black communities. This will support community forums discussing the impact of Covid19 and dispel misinformation.


Resiliency Through Covid19 (RTC) Community Re-engagementFBC will re-engage members who participated in part 1 of the RTC project, and share findings. We aim to advocate the seriousness of Covid-19, and encourage boosters for Covid-19 prevention.


Covid-19 Booster and Vaccine Clinic Mapping and Awareness Campaign FBC will map and share Covid19 information and booster sites. This will focus on high density urban areas in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

Project Summary

The FBC would like to engage in a community based project to ensure that Covid19 is still prioritized as a health issue that needs to be prevented and addressed within the Black community. As we see a rise in relaxation toward the virus and its dangerous effects on communities such as marginalized ones, we would like to use our national member database and platforms to continue to address gaps in knowledge, attitudes, and misinformation about this disease. Community groups will be encouraged to apply to FBC for a small grant to allow them to create  local forums targeted to the unique black community in their local area. This model allows communities to be empowered and also reach individuals in niche areas where attendees will be able to share how Covid19 has impacted them and their families, and how information and misinformation has played a role in their communities attitudes toward Covid19. 

Furthermore, FBC will be re-engaging over 200 members who participated in a previous Covid19 research project to showcase the findings of that research (funded by PHAC) and to provide updates on the recommendations of how the Black community can continue to stay vigilant from the disease. Finally, FBC will also prioritize a digital information campaign that seeks to provide information to large populations of Black Canadians across Canada on where they can find vaccination sites near them, and provide access to credible resources on Covid19 education. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the project?

FBC is leading a community-based Covid-19 project that aims to ensure that the spread of Covid-19 is still being addressed to prevent cases from rising once again this winter season in the Black community. This project will address vaccine-related misinformation; promote booster vaccines; empower communities to lead regionally-adapted approaches through micro-contributions; disseminate findings from Black-led COVID-19 vaccine research; and include a national digital information campaign.

What is FBC’s goal with the micro contribution?

FBC’s goal is to reach networks further than our own, and allow a group/individual to create a space that will bring out their community, friends, and networks to engage in conversation in a safe space. FBC is providing financial support to facilitate small intimate conversations around covid-19 misinformation, vaccine confidence, and community experiences. Individuals/groups are encouraged to engage between 15-30 people in conversations via online or in person methods.

What ineligible expenses can not be applied to the community Micro Contributions?

As a micro contribution, the funding is intended to directly support the gathering of a small focused conversation. This is not a project or program grant therefore expenditures outside of the immediate costs of creating and facilitating a small conversation, event, or forum (for 15- 30 people) are ineligible. This includes staff benefits, other organization costs. The goal of the project is to convene a group digitally or in person. If Travel is related to the project FBC will have to approve this on a case by case basis using the explanation of the candidate.

How does funding work?

Funds will be dispersed by FBC for individuals/groups to use for expenditures incurred. Funds cannot be dispersed into personal bank accounts. A business/NFP must sponsor the application and support the efforts to get people out to attend. The individuals/group must fill out the budget template to be approved and must track spending and keep all receipts. Up to 75% of funding can be given out in advance. The remaining amount will be provided at the end of the project or once a spot check audit is completed if there is request for additional funds, prior to the end of the project. This is to ensure expenses claimed are true, eligible, and current to that point. Funding must be used by March 24th 2023. 

What are we looking for in an application description of a project ?

Be very clear and concise. We want to know.

  1. Who are you targeting for this project?
  2. Why is this project/ topic important?
  3. How do you attend to get people out? 
  4. What are some major steps you will take to make this project successful? 
  5. How will your event, forum, and or conversation work?
  6. How do you intend to capture feedback, opinions, and people’s intentions?
What is a B3 organization? How do I know if my organization is one?

You are a B3 organization if your organization is Black led (more than 2/3 Leadership recognizes as Black), is Black Serving (more the 70% of users recognize as black) and Black mandated i.e (Serving the Black community is specifically built into your Mission, Business Certificate, or Bylaws).

What are the minimum qualifications as an individual to be considered for this project?
  • The individual is based in Canada 
  • 18 and over 
  • Supportive of decreasing misinformation and building confidence in Covid-19 preventative means to stop the spread and rise in Covid19 cases
  • Identify a partner organization that can trustee organization to administer the funds 
  • Focus on the direct community where they live 
  • Showcase how/why they have the ability to execute on the forum 
  • Ability to create Google survey,
What are the minimum qualifications as a Business/NFP to be considered for this project?
  • A bank account 
  • Focused on specific area/region 
  • Supportive of decreasing misinformation and building confidence in Covid-19 preventative means to stop the spread and rise in Covid19 cases
  • Showcase how/why they have the ability to execute on the forum 
  • Ability to create Google survey
What is an Incorporated Partner, and how do we find one?
  • Unincorporated groups (individuals and collectives) will require an incorporated non-profit or charitable organization as an Incorporated Partner for any application. 
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact FBC staff via the website if you need help finding an Incorporated Partner.
Can our Incorporated Partner be a business?
  • No. An Incorporated Partner is a not-for-profit or charitable organization.

Have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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