Lush Cosmetics Foundation Supports FBC’s Hubs and Justice Reform Work

October 30, 2021

Police relations is a huge topic within the Black community and across Canada, we know that different communities experience policing differently. Through our continued sponsorship from  Lush, we have been able to continue to build out our Provincial Hubs that allow for space to have discussions, compile data, and coalitions. Lush has come alongside us to support our mission toward addressing anti-black racism and strengthening the collective voice of Black Canadians across Canada. In our last issue, we shared that FBC was awarded funding support from their Foundation Charity Pot. This support continues to allow the Federation to dive deeper into its research and advocacy on Justice Reform and Police Relations while allowing the FBC to create and sustain strong Provincial FBC hubs. 

FBC Hubs offer Black Canadians the opportunity to connect with volunteers and organizers to discuss local and provincial needs, as well as provide a chance to connect with the national team. The hubs are direct FBC channels to support and bring together Black Canadians. These forums allow for local and provincial teams to further inform and participate in national campaigns, events, and networking.

If you are interested in joining an FBC hub in your area or helping us to start one in your province email us at

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