FBC calls for the equal treatment of all people affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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March 12, 2022

No one wins in war. Nothing justifies the loss of lives and destruction of properties.

It has been devastating to watch Russia’s invasion and attacks in various parts of Ukraine. In the past week, millions of Ukrainians have had to leave their homes and everything they’ve built to seek shelter in neighboring countries. Countries like Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia have opened their borders to receive Ukrainian refugees.

Even more devastating at this urgent time of war were the images and videos of Blacks and other people of color being hindered from fleeing the country. We echo the sentiments shared by Obsidi “United we stand for EVERYONE in Ukraine”. It is extremely sad to see that war and racism are still prevalent in these times.

We ought to promote unity not segregation. So, as we advocate for help to be provided in Ukraine, we are advocating for EVERYONE regardless of skin color or race. It is our wish and hope that peace will reign and that EVERYONE is protected and safe. 

We’ve compiled a list of resources below to help and encourage you to  offer your support and stay informed.


ACAO Fundraiser to Support Black People in Ukraine

UNHCR Ukraine Emergency Donation

Humanitarian Coalition Ukraine Emergency Donation

UNICEF Ukraine Emergency Donation

CNN Ukraine – Russian Live Updates

NBC News “Global Group of Black Attorneys file UN complaint for African refugees”

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