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October 31, 2023

FBC Micro Contribution Application (2023-2024) is now Live

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FBC is proud to announce our new health project, in collaboration with the Immunization Partnership Fund titled: Black Health Defence. This project was built off the success of our previous COVID-19 outreach campaign, by implementing a new campaign with the goal of encouraging routine vaccination uptake within the various Black communities across Canada. We seek to facilitate discourse with the support of our regional partners, increase accessibility to information around vaccines, bring together and engage stakeholders in the healthcare sector and lastly ensure timely updates and long-term accuracy of the resources we publish.

The new outreach program will compliment on-going efforts to fight misinformation around vaccines within the Black community, ensure that members of the Black community can make informed vaccination related choices and have access to those services should they be needed. We also hope that by convening various stakeholders, we can foster a network that can keep these conversations going.

FBC is leading a community-based immunization project that aims to ensure that the spread of influenza is still being addressed to prevent cases from rising once again this winter season in the Black community. This project will address vaccine-related misinformation; promote booster vaccines; empower communities to lead regionally-adapted approaches through micro-contributions; disseminate findings from Black-led vaccine research; and include a national digital information campaign.
FBC’s goal is to reach networks further than our own, and allow a group/individual to create a space that will bring out their community, friends, and networks to engage in conversation in a safe space. FBC is providing financial support ($1,000 to $3,000) to facilitate small intimate conversations around influenza misinformation, vaccine confidence, and community experiences. Individuals/groups are encouraged to engage between 15-30 people in conversations via online or in person methods.

This form requires the applicant to fill it in one setting. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to health@fbcfcn.ca. Please note inquires may take up to 48 hours for a response.

Micro Contribution Window – Key Dates:

  1. Request for proposals: October 30th, 2023
  2. Proposal Deadline: November 20th, 2023
  3. Announcement of micro recipients: December 4th, 2023
  4. Micro Recipients – project submission: March 4th, 2024

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