Federation of Black Canadians Receives Recognition and Appointments Across Canada

Mar 8, 2024

Chris Thompson and Councillor Rob Power

Certificate of Recognition

Federation of Black Canadians Receives Recognition in Brampton, ON

On February 28th, the Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) and Executive Director Christopher Thompson received notable recognition from Councillor Rob Power in Brampton, Ontario, where the organization was originally incorporated. This acknowledgment underscores the significant impact of FBC in advocating for Black Canadians and fostering community engagement.



Faduma Wais and City Councillor Catherine Kitts

Faduma Wais with MPP Stephen Blais & MP Marie-France Lalonde

Faduma Wais Acknowledged for Community Contributions in Orleans and Ottawa

Faduma Wais, the Associate Manager of Programs and Services at the Federation of Black Canadians, has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the community in Orleans and the Ottawa area. Her dedication and efforts highlight the commitment of FBC members to effecting positive change and promoting inclusivity.


Robert Tyndale Appointed to Alberta’s Advisory Council: Inclusion for Black Albertans

Robert Tyndale, Chair of FBCFCN Board of Directors

Robert Tyndale, the Board Chair of the Federation of Black Canadians, is to sit on Alberta’s new Advisory Council: Inclusion for Black Albertans. Premier Danielle Smith and Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism Muhammad Yaseen have launched this advisory council, aiming to address issues of diversity and inclusion in the province. Tyndale’s appointment signifies a significant step toward fostering representation and advocating for the rights of Black communities in Alberta.


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