Wealthsimple Event Recap: Let’s Talk Financial Healing

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April 11, 2024

On March 11th, 2024, WealthSimple hosted an engaging hybrid event called “Let’s Talk Financial Healing.” About 40 guests were excited to jump into deep discussions about financial literacy. Participants from different places such as the UK and within Canada, joined the discussion on financial healing within the Black community.

Hosted by Zhané, the event aimed to dismantle barriers hindering the progress of Black individuals, particularly focusing on empowering Black women through financial literacy conversations. Zhané welcomed panelists Raquel Reid, Ariana Lloyd, Alicia Murell, and Porcia Boateng. 

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The panelists from diverse backgrounds shared insights and expertise, emphasizing the importance of overcoming fears surrounding money and the necessity of financial education. Questions such as “What do you wish you knew about money, even going back to your childhood?” prompted discussions on dispelling myths, distinguishing good advice from bad, and finding the balance between spending and saving. Key takeaways included the significance of setting financial goals, creating structured budgets, and understanding debt management strategies.

The latter part of the event featured a workshop by Wealthsimple focusing on money mindset, goal setting, and transforming financial attitudes. Attendees explored their upbringing’s impact on money habits, learned about smart goal-setting techniques, and engaged in discussions on proactive financial planning.

As the event concluded, participants were left equipped with practical tools, refreshed mindsets, and a renewed commitment to financial empowerment and healing within the Black community.

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