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Join the Wealthsimple Foundation with the Federation of Black Canadians for an inspiring evening dedicated to uplifting and motivating young Black girls and women. This Hybrid (Virtual and in person) event will address overcoming financial insecurity and transforming relationships with money, providing hope and strategies for financial empowerment. Sign up for in person or virtual!

March 11th

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

80 Spadina Avenue,

Toronto, ON, Canada


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Wealthsimple Foundation

The Wealthsimple Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to fostering financial security and prosperity for individuals and communities. With a mission to promote financial literacy and inclusion, the Foundation partners with stakeholders to provide accessible education and resources. Through innovative programs and strategic initiatives, it addresses the root causes of financial insecurity, aiming to empower marginalized populations and break the cycle of poverty. By equipping individuals with the tools and knowledge to make informed financial decisions, the Wealthsimple Foundation envisions a future of greater economic empowerment and opportunity for all.

Federation of Black Canadians

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) is a national organization dedicated to advancing the social, economic, and cultural interests of Black Canadians across the country. Committed to fostering unity, empowerment, and representation, the FBC serves as a collective voice for Black communities, advocating for equitable access to opportunities and resources. Through community engagement, education, and advocacy initiatives, the FBC works to address systemic barriers and promote inclusion, diversity, and racial justice. By amplifying the voices and experiences of Black Canadians, the FBC strives to create a more equitable and inclusive society for present and future generations.


Network and Learn from Successful Black Women

Get ready for an empowering event designed specifically for black women, centered on financial empowerment and education. Engage in thought-provoking discussions exploring the impact of financial insecurity as a minority, strategies for overcoming financial hurdles, and pathways to achieving financial security. Hear from influential panelists who have navigated similar challenges and emerged empowered. Connect with fellow attendees in an interactive environment, fostering new relationships and networking opportunities. Plus, enjoy carefully curated swag giveaways to keep you motivated on your financial wellness journey, along with complimentary refreshments to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all participants.


Connect with fellow attendees in a supportive environment, fostering new relationships and networking opportunities.


Explore the impact of financial insecurity as a minority, finding hope in your financial journey, strategies for overcoming financial ruts, and pathways to financial security.


 Enjoy a selection of carefully curated swag to motivate participants on their financial wellness journey.


Hear from influential voices who have navigated financial challenges and emerged empowered.


Zhané Stimpson

Associate, Youth Engagement

Wealthsimple Foundation

Zhané Stimpson, a dynamic twenty-something-year-old, is an avid social media content creator dedicated to making a difference in the world while enjoying every moment. With a deep passion for video games, software engineering, PC building, and staying abreast of the latest gadgets, Zhané exemplifies a blend of tech enthusiasm and skill. A significant part of Zhané’s mission is to empower children, youth, women, and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in the digital realm. Committed to bridging the technology divide, Zhané launches initiatives to teach underprivileged youth the wonders of technology and art, and content creation fostering interest in IT, Film and tech among marginalized groups.”


Our 2024 Panelists

Raquel Reid

Program Manager

Federation of Black Canadians

By trade, Raquel is a teacher who graduated from Brock University’s concurrent education program in 2021. Raquel has a bubbly personality and a passion for lifelong learning. Her work experience includes tutoring children from ages 4 – 17, supervising summer camp programs, and working as a project coordinator in the not-for-profit sector.

Raquel’s interest in the systemic and institutional barriers that Black Canadians face is what led her to a role at the Federation of Black Canadians. She hopes the work the organization does can contribute to breaking down those barriers and propelling Black Canadians toward successful futures.

Ariana Lloyd

Senior Manager

Federation of Black Canadians

Ariana has a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential through developing and implementing organizational models. Her expertise in operational management, business development and communications and marketing, makes her a well-rounded addition to the FBC team. Working at FBC has given Ariana the opportunity to use her corporate background as a way to invest in the advancement of Black Canadians.

Alicia Murrell

Senior Manager, Workplace Operations


A dedicated and results-oriented leader, Alicia Murrell brings a wealth of experience in operational and facilities management to the table. With a background in steering key international companies, Alicia Murrell is committed to fostering world-class working environments that cater to the needs of forward-thinking organizations. Their expertise lies in optimizing service levels through effective communication and collaboration with internal teams, external partners, vendors, and clients. Alicia Murrell is recognized for their ability to drive positive change and innovation, harnessing data to develop programs that elevate facilities management standards. As a panelist for financial literacy for Black women, Alicia Murrell brings a unique perspective and a passion for empowering others to achieve financial independence and success.

Porcia Boateng

Credit Literacy Expert

Porcia Boateng is a CEO, Speaker, Disciple of Jesus, Credit Literacy Coach and Mom of six exceptional children. She is on a mission to help the next generation overcome barriers in life; so they can live the abundant life that God created them to live. Porcia uses her life experiences and career in the finance industry to educate and empower families from diverse communities to live abundantly. Her personal and professional experiences have been instrumental in her becoming the woman she is today. She is an excellent resource for women and families who need expert financial advice and an extra push to break their mindset barriers. Porcia is on a mission to helping elevate the lives of families and the next generation through financial education while closing the wealth gap in marginalized communities.

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Get Ready for Financial Healing

Join the Wealthsimple Foundation, the Federation of Black Canadians, and Monday Girl for an evening dedicated to uplifting young Black girls and women, addressing financial insecurity and empowering financial relationships. Engage in discussions, hear from inspirational panelists, and enjoy networking opportunities, swag giveaways, and complimentary refreshments.


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