Equity in Healthcare

February 22 at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST









Equity in Healthcare poster, February 22nd 6pm EST on Zoom

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We’re thrilled to announce the return of our renowned health event, Equity in Healthcare! Join us on February 22 at 6 pm EST via Zoom for an insightful evening featuring healthcare professionals shedding light on the crucial topics of vaccination and influenza. Engage with our community partners, participate in discussions on health equity, and don’t miss out on exciting giveaways. Let’s come together to prioritize health and well-being.



Faduma Wais

Faduma Wais


Our 2024 Keynote Speakers


RN & Research Coordinator

I’m a registered nurse who graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2018. After starting in post-operative surgery, I transitioned to part-time nursing while working full-time as a research coordinator. In 2021, I moved to Calgary to pursue further education and currently work as a casual RN. Outside of work, I enjoy singing in a choir, reading mystery novels, and sipping green tea with honey. I’m passionate about mentorship and advocacy in healthcare, striving to uplift others in the profession.


Registered Nurse

A seasoned Registered Nurse since 2020, specializing in Neonatology, I am driven by a fervent commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations. Currently, I am eager to advance my expertise by pursuing a Nurse Practitioner degree, with a focus on bridging critical gaps in care.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I cherish moments spent with loved ones, relish quiet introspection, and delight in culinary adventures within the city or while traveling. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, I bring a diverse perspective shaped by my experiences and passion for making a meaningful difference in healthcare.

Olivia Nwaokocha

Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate

University of Waterloo

Olivia is a Doctor of Pharmacy candidate at the University of Waterloo, having already earned an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Guelph. She is driven by a passion for equitable healthcare, particularly advocating for black health equity. As a member of the Black Pharmacy Professionals of Canada, she actively promotes these ideals within the pharmacy community. With clinical and research experience at St. Michael’s Hospital, Olivia has contributed to critical studies on COVID-19 diagnostics, and as a COVID-19 assessment centre educator, she prioritizes underserved communities to enhance adherence and outcomes. Olivia’s active involvement in vaccine pop-up clinics across Ontario demonstrates her commitment to addressing healthcare disparities, alongside her past role as a Junior corporate regulatory officer at Health Canada, emphasizing her dedication to drug safety and compliance.

Bethelehem Girmay

Research Assistant

Global Health and Innovations Lab

Beth is a recent graduate from McMaster University, holding a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology. Her research interests include global health, infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), epidemiology and implementation science. She also graduated from the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) in 2019, with a major in Population Health and a double minor in Psychology and Anthropology. Beth also holds a certificate in Medical Office Administration (MOA) from Evergreen College. As a Research Assistant in the Global Health and Innovations Lab (GHIL), she is currently working on a systematic review and a qualitative study on COVID-19, partnering with the Federation of Black Canadians.

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