2023 Fourth Quarter Newsletter

National Partners Group Meeting
Annual General Meeting
Black Health Defence
FBC x Wealthsimple Foundation
Giving Tuesday
FBC x Black Founders Network

National Partners Group Meeting

The National Partners Group Meetings are quarterly meetings that provide a platform for groups to present, discuss potential partnership opportunities, and learn from each other. The FBC National Partner’s Group Meeting took place Thursday, October 26th. We brought together numerous groups and organizations, allowing them the chance to share their mission. We want to continue fostering a sense of unity and purpose among participants in creating a network of Black community builders across Canada. These meetings have been a testament to the incredible strides our partners continue to make in driving positive change.

We also gave two community partners a longer time to present their organizations more in-depth: the Black Business Professional Network Inc. and Inclusion in Canadian Sports Network

Would you like to be a speaker and share your organization’s work to a wider audience? Email members@fbcfcn.ca for more details.

Our Community Partners

Shauna Bookal

Shauna Bookal

President/CEO of Inclusion in Canadian Sports

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Olaitan Onyebuoha

Olaitan Onyebuoha

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at 7thLIC, & Volunteer President BBPN

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Annual General Meeting

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM), in December, which saw an amazing turnout of over 70 attendees. Thank you all who attended, a recap of the AGM is below. The AGM was divided into three sections: Member/Community Engagement, Business Meeting, and Volunteer Recognition.

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Member and Community Engagement
Members of the community were able to engage with FBC and share about themselves. We also shared a testimonial from Yasmine Elmi, a longtime volunteer, who spoke about her experience with the FBC and the value it brings.

Business Meeting
A motion was passed to accept the Board Slate for 2023, which includes Andrew Defor, Hetty Larbi, Kezia-Grace Macbruce, and Analis Kasongo. Board members are elected to serve a minimum of 2 years, with the possibility of re-election for another 2 years. After that, they can be re-elected for a final 2-year term, totaling 6 years. All board members, both returning and new, were given the opportunity to share why they decided to work with the FBC.

Another important motion passed was the acceptance of Tino-Gaetani & Carusi Chartered Professional Accountants (TGCCPA) as the auditors for 2024.

Volunteer Spotlight
We gave a special spotlight to 2 extraordinary volunteers who have been exceptional in their contributions to FBC and its cause. These 2 individuals were: Yasmine Elmi and Divine Asemota. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to our cause! Their support has been integral to the success of our organization.

Read more about the AGM recap!

Black Health Defence

FBC is proud to announce our new health project, in collaboration with the Immunization Partnership Fund titled: Black Health Defence. This project was built off the success of our previous COVID-19 outreach campaign, by implementing a new campaign with the goal of encouraging routine vaccination uptake within the various Black communities across Canada. We seek to facilitate discourse with the support of our regional partners, increase accessibility to information around vaccines, bring together and engage stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and lastly ensure timely updates and long-term accuracy of the resources we publish

The new outreach program will complement ongoing efforts to fight misinformation around vaccines within the Black community, and ensure that members of the Black community can make informed vaccination-related choices and have access to those services should they be needed. We also hope that by convening various stakeholders, we can foster a network that can keep these conversations going.

FBC is leading a community-based immunization project that aims to ensure that the spread of influenza is still being addressed to prevent cases from rising once again this winter season in the Black community. This project will address vaccine-related misinformation; promote booster vaccines; empower communities to lead regionally-adapted approaches through micro-contributions; disseminate findings from Black-led vaccine research; and include a national digital information campaign.

FBC’s goal is to reach networks further than our own and allow a group/individual to create a space that will bring out their community, friends, and networks to engage in conversation in a safe space. FBC is providing financial support ($1,000 to $3,000) to facilitate small intimate conversations around influenza misinformation, vaccine confidence, and community experiences. Individuals/groups are encouraged to engage between 15-30 people in conversations via online or in-person methods.

We have awarded grants to over 10 individuals/groups this year and look forward to seeing their initiatives grow!

We are now 400-strong in our general membership for The Black Builders Network. The Black Builders is a platform for individuals and organizations dedicated to shaping the future of Black communities in Canada. This membership is a gateway to a vibrant network of black entrepreneurs, non-profits, and organizations.

By joining the Black Builders Network, you gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive community that empowers and amplifies your efforts. This platform not only fosters personal and professional growth but also drives collective action, addressing systemic issues and advocating for change.

Image of iphone with instagram live from let's tax preparing for tax

FBC x Wealthsimple Foundation

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) continued our partnership with WealthSimple Foundation by utilizing social media to post Financial literacy education as well as host a live Instagram feed to prepare our audience for the upcoming tax season. Having these sessions be delivered online and available on our feed is part of our commitment to removing barriers some of our community members might have had in accessing financial literacy resources, whether it be the lack of exposure, not being able to gain access to financially literate mentors or not being able to physically attend financially literacy sessions.

This partnership with WealthSimple Foundation allows FBC’s to empower the next generation with the financial skills they need to succeed in an ever-evolving economic landscape. It was a day filled with learning, motivation, and the shared goal of creating a financially empowered and resilient future for the next generation.

Let's talk: Preparing for Tax Season poster, pictured are special guests, Fazi, Tax analyst, and Gift, Mentor Program Lead at Black Ladders

Giving Tuesday

We’re thrilled to share the success of our Giving Tuesday campaign and reflect on the strategies that made it possible. This was our first year running a campaign for Giving Tuesday as we are constantly learning and evolving as a non-profit. At FBC, we recognize the importance of strategic timing for our annual campaigns, and Giving Tuesday was no exception.

Our collaboration with Skills for Life proved invaluable, enhancing the impact of our initiatives and contributing to a consistent narrative. 

Corporate sponsorship and in-kind gifts played a significant role in boosting our campaign success. Integrating sponsors and securing in-kind gifts for activities like raffles, including coveted prizes like NBA tickets, diversified our incentives for donors. Looking ahead, we recognize the potential for expanding partnerships with diverse sponsors to further enhance our fundraising efforts.

While our efforts raised $2000, We’re excited with how much more we can raise for our cause next year now that we’ve tested the waters.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our Giving Tuesday campaign. Together, we’re making a meaningful difference in our community.

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Support For Student Learning Program

Breaking down barriers that Black youth face by offering after-school tutoring, mentorship, and holistic learning to enhance academic success, providing scholarships to overcome financial barriers, and guiding them towards diverse post-secondary education and career opportunities. This fall we launched our 7th location running a second group of Brampton students through our program!

Learn about the most recent Brampton Graduates.

CAD ($) in scholarships awarded




Learning Sessions

Weekly learning sessions cover financial literacy, post-secondary navigation, career discovery, mental wellness, SMART goal-setting, and community engagement—integral tools for students’ career development.

Physical Education

Weekly physical education sessions, featuring diverse sports and nutritious snacks, provide students an opportunity to gather, foster camaraderie, and enhance group cohesion, complementing the learning sessions.

Academic Tutoring

Participants receive 5 hours of personalized 1:1 tutoring from FBC’s national tutoring partner, specializing in all subjects, along with an individualized learning plan to enhance skills crucial for success in their chosen post-secondary pathway.


Youth are intentionally matched with mentors in their field of interest, fostering a 6-month mentorship aimed at establishing enduring relationships beyond the program.

FBC x Black Founders Network

The Black Career Advancement Program, a collaborative effort between the Black Founders Network (BFN) and the Federation of Black Canadians (FBC). Designed to cater to Black youth between the ages of 16 and 35 in Ontario who are actively seeking employment, this program offers an invaluable opportunity for skill development and professional growth. The initiative strives to equip Black youth with the essential skills required to thrive in a broad spectrum of career paths, ensuring that they are well-prepared to succeed in their chosen fields.

One of the most remarkable facets of this program is its dedication to fostering meaningful connections between Black youth and the best Black-led companies across Canada. In so doing, the Black Career Advancement Program addresses the critical need for diversity and representation in the professional realm. This aspect of the program provides 20 Black founders in Ontario with a unique opportunity to directly hire talent from their own community, thereby strengthening the local Black business ecosystem.

Through paid work placements, the program serves as a bridge between talented young individuals and pioneering enterprises that are not only Black-led but also committed to providing inclusive and equitable work environments. If you’re a Black youth based in Ontario and are seeking job opportunities in the upcoming months, don’t miss this chance! Sign up now through our talent intake form, or share with someone who should!

We helped plan the hosting of the BFN Black Career Fair to help our founders connect with Black youth in January.


The Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP), launched its third cohort in September. This program is dedicated to nurturing the growth and success of Black entrepreneurs in Canada by providing essential resources, mentorship, and opportunities for innovation. 11 participants from the first 2 cohorts were chosen to compete in a pitch competition to win up to $5000 in grants

By supporting Black entrepreneurs, the BEP contributes to economic growth, job creation, and the overall empowerment of the Black community in Canada. The BEP offers practical guidance, access to funding opportunities, and mentorship to help entrepreneurs overcome challenges and realize their business goals.

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