Anti-Racism Program Funding: A National Youth-Led Campaign

October 30, 2021

In our last issue in December, we shared that we were one of 85 organizations across Canada to receive Federal support through the “Anti Racism Action Program Funding” 

Toward building a more inclusive Canada. To learn more about the funding click here. The funding was a little delayed, but we are pleased to share that our project entitled “The Black Pulse” is in action and will be a 1-year campaign. The project will focus on promoting diversity and inclusion, countering online hate, and creating a national digital engagement campaign along with educational tools to promote Black Canadian History across Canada. The goal is to educate and support our youth to combat anti-Black racism, engage allies, and inspire people to become civically engaged. This project will be mainly driven by our National Youth Council

Our FBC National Youth Council offers Black Canadians ages 18-29 the opportunity to connect with young adults across Canada, build their network, their allies, and discuss local and provincial needs. The National Youth Council is a channel directly to the National Team and ensures that their voice is heard. 

This project will include:

a) Facilitating Anti- Black Racism trainings across Canada

b) Developing a digital platform of accessible resources for the community

c) Working with ally groups to help educate and address anti-Black racism in private and public institutions

d) Holding community events to showcase national and local Black Canadian role models

e) Working with a community project working group that helps to bring ideas and lived experiences to the project

If you are interested in learning more please email 

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