The Federation of Black Canadians Partners with the Wealthsimple Foundation

June 30, 2022

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) has partnered with Wealthsimple Foundation to empower the Black Community by promoting financial literacy and the Canada Learning Bond because as we know “knowledge is power”. Founded in 2017, one of FBCs focus areas is to enhance Economic Security for Black Canadians and the most recent initiative addressing economic security is the Government funded Workplace Opportunity: Barriers to Equity (WORBE) program. 

During the WORBE program, FBC worked with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Wealthsimple Foundation and KPMG to host 3 national events addressing issues relating to workplace opportunities. FBC also developed a toolkit that contains workplace and employment resources. The toolkit, which will soon be launched on our website, addresses 3 main topics; financial literacy, upward mobility and representation.

Following the success of the WORBE program, FBC and Wealthsimple Foundation have forged a new partnership aimed at promoting financial literacy for Black Canadians as well as creating awareness about the Canada Learning Bond. Through this partnership, FBC and the Foundation aim to organize a financial literacy program as well as information sessions at FBCs National Hubs and Youth Council meetings regarding scholarships and employment opportunities from Wealthsimple and its affiliates.

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