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March 6, 2024

Federation of Black Canadians and York United FC Join Forces to Combat anti-Black Racism and Promote Equity

York, February 28thThe Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) and York United FC have proudly announced a partnership aimed at combating racism and advancing equity throughout Canada. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in leveraging the power of sports and community advocacy to drive positive change.

The Federation of Black Canadians, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the social, economic, and cultural prosperity of Black Canadians, is joining hands with York United FC, a prominent professional soccer club in the Canadian Premier League (CPL), to address systemic issues of discrimination and inequality.

Through this partnership, both of our organizations will work hand-in-hand to develop and implement initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, and social justice within their respective spheres of influence. From educational programs to community outreach initiatives, FBC and YUFC are committed to fostering a more equitable and inclusive society for all Canadians.

Speaking on the significance of this collaboration, Chris Thompson, Executive Director of FBC, expressed enthusiasm for the joint efforts ahead. “At the Federation of Black Canadians, we believe in the importance of connecting with a diverse group of organizations to effect meaningful change. We recognize the importance of sports and community for black youth, in creating support networks and healthier living. In addition to the barriers and racism black youth face in these spaces. By partnering with York United FC, we aim to harness the influence of sports to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and create a more just and equitable Canada.”

Similarly, Eoin O’Callaghan, Vice President of YUFC, emphasized the club’s dedication to social responsibility and activism. “As a professional sports organization, we are committed to using our platform to amplify the crucial work being done in our communities. In recent years, we have constantly showcased our dedication to raising awareness of an array of important issues. By teaming up with the Federation of Black Canadians, we are reaffirming our commitment to combating racism and promoting unity both on and off the field.”

Together, the Federation of Black Canadians and York United FC are poised to make a tangible impact in the fight against racism and discrimination. By fostering collaboration, dialogue, and action, we hope to inspire individuals and communities across Canada to join us in building a more equitable future.

View our Black History Month video highlighting  some of the amazing black athletes on the YUFC and their unique experiences.



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For more information on the Federation of Black Canadians, visit us at www.fbcfcn.ca.

For more information on York United FC, visit yorkunitedfc.canpl.ca.

About the Federation of Black Canadians:

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the social, economic, and cultural prosperity of Black Canadians. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, the FBC works to address systemic barriers and promote equity and inclusion across Canada.

About York United FC:

York United FC is a professional soccer club based in York, Ontario, competing in the Canadian Premier League (CPL). With a commitment to excellence on and off the field, York United FC strives to be a positive force in the community, fostering a love for the beautiful game while promoting social responsibility and inclusivity.

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