Recap: Capacity Building Webinar: Scaling Your Business

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June 5, 2024

We are thrilled to share a recap of our recent capacity building webinar, “Scaling Your Business,” hosted by the Federation of Black Canadians (FBC). The event featured Justina Kanza, the Founder of Okwera Academy, who generously shared her expertise, journey, and insights into entrepreneurship with an engaged audience.

During the webinar, Justina provided valuable tips tailored for new business owners, drawing from her own challenges, successes, and inspiring journey into entrepreneurship.  This also included how she was able to apply and get multiple business grants. Her presentation resonated with the attendees as she discussed the importance of resilience, vision, and leveraging one’s unique experiences to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. One of the highlight of the webinar was Justina’s description of her personal journey, from her early days as a Zambian immigrant in Canada to becoming the accomplished entrepreneur she is today.

Participants also had the opportunity to engage in an insightful Q&A session, where Justina offered practical advice and responded to pressing business questions. Her willingness to share and guide budding entrepreneurs left a lasting impact on the audience.

What sets Justina apart is not just her achievements—such as being recognized as a Canadian Top 100 Black Woman to Watch in 2023, a nominee for the Black Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and a recipient of a prestigious Mastercard Foundation Scholarship—but her unwavering commitment to her purpose. Her vision to equip individuals and communities with the tools to transform their own world is truly inspiring. Justina’s journey from Zambia to Canada and her dedication to supporting Africans in starting their careers in Canada exemplify her passion for building bridges and igniting potential within communities.

Justina delved into the entrepreneurship mindset, emphasizing the importance of ideation, sourcing community and networks, and identifying gaps that need to be filled. She shared how this mindset led to the creation of Okwera Academy, where she empowers Black Canadians and immigrants by providing essential training on job applications, interview skills, and acquiring the right credentials to excel in their professional journeys.

We extend our gratitude to Justina Kanza for her invaluable contribution to our capacity building webinar. Her passion, expertise, and dedication to creating impactful change within the business community left a profound impression on all who attended.

As we look forward to future events and opportunities, we encourage everyone to join us in our mission to gain practical advice, learn from inspiring experiences, and continue building a thriving entrepreneurial community.

Stay tuned to for updates on upcoming webinars and events!

For a limited time you can view the entire webinar for free here.

Scaling Your Business With Justina Recap Video


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