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From December 4 to 6, 2017, the Federation of Black Canadians marked the International Decade for People of African Descent with the National Black Canadians Summit: a convergence of 800 people of African descent and stakeholders. With three days of high-energy keynotes, cultural performances, and strategic planning sessions for social change, the ground-breaking event drew from decades of Black community organizing and awareness raising to serve as a springboard to accelerate collaboration around an inclusive Black Canadian agenda, grounded in an anti-oppression perspective.

National Black Canadians Summit: Live Stream Archive




The Canadian International DECADE STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN: 2017-2024

The International Decade Strategic Action Plan is divided into eight sections, which correspond to the sixteen strategic planning sessions that transpired at the National Black Canadians Summit. Each section lays out a synthesis of the many recommendations submitted by Black Canadians the various consultations organized by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation as well as the Federation of Black Canadians.

  1. Black Ownership & Generating Black Wealth
  2. Media Representation, Arts & Black Identity
  3. Mental & Physical Health
  4. Accessing Justice & Community Safety
  5. Migration and Inclusion
  6. Education
  7. Democratic Engagement
  8. Access to Affordable Housing and Shelter




National Black Canadians Summit: Moving Forward Surveys

Generating Black Wealth Survey.
Migration Survey:
The Education Survey:
Justice and Security Survey:
The Health Survey:
Democratic Engagement Survey:
Housing and Shelter Survey: