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Grant Writing Webinar
Equity in Healthcare
United Way Black Leadership and Recognition
FBC Partnerships in Tech, Film and Sports
Black Class Action

Letter From Executive Director

Fellow Canadians,

As we look back on our 1st quarter of 2024, I’m filled with immense pride reflecting on the continued progress we’ve made together at the Federation of Black Canadians. This past quarter, we’ve championed initiatives that address critical issues faced by Black communities across the country, from advocating for reform in the CHRC to promoting lifelong learning and fostering economic empowerment through employment training.

We’ve seen the impactful results of your support in the continuation of our Supports for Student Learning and Black Entrepreneurship Program. These programs directly address the need for education, mentorship, and pathways to success for Black youths that might not otherwise have gotten the support. These programs have already begun to make a positive difference in the lives of Black Canadians,

Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to advancing the social, economic, political, and cultural interests of Canadians of African descent. Your continued engagement is vital in this ongoing journey. I encourage you to explore the detailed reports in this newsletter highlighting our recent achievements and past events. Together, we can build a more equitable and inclusive Canada for all.

In solidarity,

Chris Thompson

Executive Director,

Federation of Black Canadians

P.S. Tickets to our Impact Gala Fundraiser in September are now live!

FBC Recognized by Community

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) and its staff/board members have been making waves in their community. We want to especially congratulate Chris Thompson publicly recognized by community leaders. These recognitions underscore FBC’s ongoing commitment to fostering positive change and amplifying the voices of Black Canadians across the nation.

FBC Receives Certificate of Recognition from City of Brampton

FBC Receives Certificate of Recognition from City of Brampton

FBC Receives Certificate of Recognition from City of Brampton

FBC Receives Certificate of Recognition from City of Brampton
The FBC and its Executive Director, Christopher Thompson, were honoured on February 28th by Councillor Rob Power in Brampton, Ontario, where the organization was originally incorporated. The Certificate of Recognition was to recognize FBC’s outstanding contributions in advocating for and empowering individuals of African descent across the City of Brampton. This acknowledgment serves as a testament to the profound impact of FBC in advocating for the rights and empowerment of Black Canadians, and its unwavering commitment to fostering community engagement.

Robert Tyndale, Alberta’s Advisory Council: Inclusion for Black Albertans
Robert Tyndale, Board Chair of FBC, was appointed to Alberta’s prestigious Advisory Council: Inclusion for Black Albertans. Spearheaded by Premier Danielle Smith and Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism Muhammad Yaseen, this council aims to tackle issues of diversity and inclusion in the province.

Faduma Wais Recognized for Contributions in Orleans Ottawa Area
Faduma Wais, the Associate Manager of Programs and Services at FBC was awarded the 2024 Orleans Women and Girls Recognition Award for her contributions. Her tireless dedication and relentless efforts exemplify the ethos of FBC members in driving positive change and championing inclusivity.

Over 25k in Grants at Black Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

In our latest quarterly newsletter, we’re thrilled to highlight the talent and innovation showcased at 2 pitch competitions, hosted as part of our Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP). the top 20 of our 90 Black entrepreneurs presented their business ideas, ranging from educational apps to healthcare startups, celebrating diverse cultures and addressing community needs. Our first competition winners were Erica ItawaaAgency and CharisMaggie Production, each winning top prize of $5000 and Fractal Solutions winning $2500 from the people’s choice. wIn our second Pitch competition were standout winners “The Abibiman Project”, celebrated for its cultural food concept, and Katrice Justice, recognized for financial empowerment initiatives. Additionally, Beauty Braids and Beyond captured hearts as the People’s Choice award recipient. With $5000 in funding awarded to The Abibiman Project and Katrice Justice, and $2500 to Beauty Braids and Beyond, our program continues to drive impact and success, empowering entrepreneurs to create lasting change and innovation within our communities. All competitors were also offered a free 1 year membership to our Black Builders program, which gives access to resources to Black serving, owned or lead organizations. Our Black Builders program, also includes access to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) which offers even further extensive resources and discounts.

Meet our Pitch Winners

Katrice Bent FBCFCN

Katrice Justice

Offers a comprehensive range of services, including digital content, speaking engagements, educational resources, and personalized guidance, all aimed at helping people achieve their financial goals and live their best lives.

Katrice Bent

Rachel Adjel

The Abibiman Project

Rachel Adjei is the chef and owner behind The Abibiman Project, a blossoming social entreprise spotlighting diverse African cuisines. Born and raised in Toronto, her deep love of storytelling, culture and activism, has helped her build a community around the great connector, food.

Rachel Adjei

Image of Joshua Lawal

Erica Tiwaa Agency

From strategy to execution, we’re your go-to market experts to help you structure your content pipeline, increase your reach, and build an authentic community.

Erica Effah

Image of Lesly Nzeusseu

CharisMaggie Productions

Empowers small businesses and non-profits to craft compelling stories, utilizing social media and email marketing for maximum audience impact. Our values of creativity, simplicity, integrity, and accessibility drive every project.

Margarette Leandre

Image of Joshua Anih

Fractal Solutions

Fractal Solutions aims to fill a gap in the facilities management sector. Fractal Solutions is on a mission to change the facilities management sector in Southern Ontario.

Jermaine Francis

We are now 400-strong in our general membership for The Black Builders Network. The Black Builders is a platform for individuals and organizations dedicated to shaping the future of Black communities in Canada. This membership is a gateway to a vibrant network of black entrepreneurs, non-profits, and organizations.

By joining the Black Builders Network, you gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive community that empowers and amplifies your efforts. This platform not only fosters personal and professional growth but also drives collective action, addressing systemic issues and advocating for change.

Let’s Talk Financial Healing for Black Women with Wealthsimple

In celebration of international Women’s day, FBC and WealthSimple co-hosted a hybrid event, “Let’s Talk Financial Healing,” where 40+ guests convened in Toronto and online, spanning various regions in Canada. Hosted by Zhané, the event aimed to empower Black individuals, particularly women, through financial literacy discussions. Our Panelists shared their insights on overcoming money-related fears and emphasized the importance of financial education. It was an extremely well received and supportive event, with attendees in person and online, engaging with each other and the panelist. We provided an oppurtunity for young Black women to network and connect with other black professional, share in their journeys, learn from each other. It is important to create these spaces, to build a sense of community and support. A highlight of the event was that we were able to giveaway two gifts, for a total of $500 dollars, thanks to Wealthsimple and our program Manager Debra Olaniyi to help jump start two Black women’s registered savings accounts. In Addition, Attendees also participated in a Wealthsimple workshop focusing on money mindset and proactive financial planning. The event left participants equipped with practical tools and renewed commitment to financial empowerment within the Black community.

CAD In giveaways

Let's talk: Preparing for Tax Season poster, pictured are special guests, Fazi, Tax analyst, and Gift, Mentor Program Lead at Black Ladders

Black Youth receive 12k in bursaries at SSLP Graduation

The recent Supports for Students Learning Program (SSLP) closing ceremony, hosted by the Federation of Black Canadians (FBC/FCN) and Skills for Life (SFL) in Brampton, marked a significant milestone in the journey of Black youths towards lifelong learning. With 70+ attendees, the event honored the dedication and accomplishments of SSLP participants. Our Volunteers were commended for their mentoring efforts, as we showcased the impact mentorship plays for black youth . The ceremony also recognized standout graduates Sanad, Aisha, and Collins, who received scholarships totaling $12,000 for their exceptional achievements within the program. Executive Director, Christopher Thompson emphasized the collaborative spirit and community engagement that propelled SSLP’s success, urging continued support and involvement. Through SSLP, FBC has provided approximately $250,000 in scholarships, empowering Black youths across Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan to pursue their educational aspirations. To Find out more about our SSLP program Click here.

CAD in Bursaries


FBC Supports Community with Grant Writing Webinar

As part of our capacity building initiatives for Black corporations and non-profits FBC hosted “Grant Writing for Success”. It, proved to be a resounding success, attracting over 100 participants with diverse levels of grant writing experience. Led by Chris Thompson, Executive Director of FBC , the webinar provided invaluable insights into the grant writing process. With over 15 years of experience in grassroots organization capacity building, Thompson shared practical strategies and tools essential for success in securing grant funding.

Highlights of the webinar included discussions on adopting a strategic mindset, utilizing cloud-based tools for collaboration, and identifying grant opportunities from various sources. Participants gained access to free webinar resources and learned about key elements such as the theory of change/logic model, planning, budgeting, and structural development. For more about our Grant Writing Webinar click here.

Equity in Healthcare Virtual Event

As part of our Total Health core pillar, FBC hosted our Equity in Healthcare virtual event, it was a resounding success, drawing attention to vital issues surrounding healthcare equity. Led by hosts Faduma Wais and Gloria McMayoni, the event brought together over 100 participants for an evening of engaging discussions and presentations. Our guest speakers were able to bring awareness to a number of Black Health project that we are collaborating with, including:

Digital Public Square’s Moving at the Speed of Trust: An initiative aimed at emphasizing inclusive discussions to address vaccine hesitancy among Black communities.

Global Health Innovation Lab (GHIL): Highlighting research on Sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) and the need for increased awareness and preventive measures within Black populations.

Immunizations Awareness Campaign: Raising awareness and increasing the amount of safe spaces to discuss healthcare equity.

To read a full summary of the event visit here.

Black leadership and recognition breakfast with United Way GTA

This Year FBC was able to bring back, co-host and sell out United Way Greater Toronto’s Black Leadership and Recognition Breakfast. It, was a momentous occasion, bringing together over 250 attendees to celebrate leadership and recognition within the GTA’s Black communities. Held on February 2nd, 2024, the event kicked off Black History Month with a focus on empowering the next generation and addressing issues impacting Black communities.

We were honoured with a host of special guests including, Keynote speaker Bee Quammie, Host Femi Lawson, moderator andcommunity leader Len Carby, alongside panelists.

Highlighting the event were the Black Leadership Awards, presented in three categories: Leadership in Business, Youth, and Community. With the respective winners being Aretha McCarthy, Kamelah Blair, and Stephen Mensah. For a more detailed summary of the event click here.

Black Leadership and recognition Special Guests

FBC Makes Partnerships in Tech, Film and Sports

During Black History Month FBC was able to connect with some amazing organizations that wanted to support Black Canadians and shared in our Values.

FBC Partners with Toronto Black Film Festival
FBC’s partnership with the Toronto Black Film Festival showcased impactful moments, including Executive Director Chris Thompson’s participation in opening night festivities and the co-presentation of “Real Estate Sisters.” FBC has now extended its support to the Ottawa and Montreal Black Film Festivals.

FBC Partners with GeoComply to support Black Youth in Tech
As part of FBC’s pillar to support employment development for Black Canadians, we were excited to collaborate with Canadian Tech unicorn Geocomply to share their tech workshop with Black Canadians, focused on how to break into the tech industry and breaking down myths and barriers to entry. Geocomply was also able to offer attendees a month’s trial of Treehouse and online coding bootcamp.

Fostering Belonging and Anti-racism in Sports with York United FC
We announced our partnership with York United FC aimed at combating racism and advancing equity throughout Canada. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in leveraging the power of sports and community advocacy to drive positive change. Speaking on the significance of this collaboration, Chris Thompson, Executive Director of FBC, expressed enthusiasm for the joint efforts ahead. “At the Federation of Black Canadians, we believe in the importance of connecting with a diverse group of organizations to effect meaningful change. We recognize the importance of sports and community for black youth, in creating support networks and healthier living. By partnering with York United FC, we aim to harness the influence of sports to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and create a more just and equitable Canada.

Black Class Action

The Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) joined forces with leading organizations across Canada to file a formal complaint against the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC). This coalition, including the Black Class Action Secretariat (BCAS), the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), and others, seeks accountability for the CHRC’s discriminatory practices within the Federal Public Service of Canada. The complaint, rooted in the CHRC’s failure to adhere to the Paris Principles and its violations of international human rights law, highlights the urgent need for reform to ensure effective protection against discrimination. Recent findings revealed systemic racial discrimination within the CHRC, prompting the coalition to call for significant reforms, including a thorough review of its accreditation status. The coalition also urges the Government of Canada to take concrete steps to rectify systemic discrimination within its structures. Quotes from key leaders underscore the importance of this action in upholding equality and human rights for all Canadians. To read the full press release, click here.

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