Recap: Grant Writing for Success Webinar by FBC

The Federation of Black Canadians(FBC/FCN) recently hosted a highly successful webinar titled “Grant Writing for Success,” as part of our Black Builders Network. The webinar attracted over 100 participants with varying levels of grant writing experience, ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals that have already been awards millions of dollars in grant funding. To access the webinar on demand sign up for our premium Black Builders Network membership. To view our next upcoming webinar visit us here:

Key Speaker:

The webinar was led by Chris Thompson, the Executive Director of FBC and Skills4Life. With over 15 years of experience in community engagement and grassroots organization capacity building, Thompson has successfully developed grassroots organizations from zero funding and no staff to budgets ranging from $100k to $2 million. His expertise lies in preparing nonprofits for success.

Grant Writing For Success Recap:

The webinar covered a wide range of topics to help participants understand the mindset and tools needed for long-term success in grant writing. Here are some of the key discussion points:

  1. Mind Frame Needed for Long-Term Success: Thompson emphasized the importance of adopting a strategic and focused mindset when approaching grant writing.
  2. Useful Tools: The significance of cloud-based tools was showcased. They are vital to to aid in the preparation of grant applications, because of their accessibility and collaboration potential.
  3. Identifying Grant Opportunities: The webinar delved into various sources for grant opportunities, including public government funding, foundations (both private and public), and businesses.
  4. Free Webinar Resources: Participants were provided with a wealth of information regarding free webinar resources to further enhance their grant writing skills.
  5. Keys to Success: Preparation, planning, structural development, tracking, and learning were identified as crucial elements for successful grant applications.
  6. Newsletters and Grant Opportunities: Attendees were encouraged to join newsletters, including the Federation of Black Canadians‘, to stay up to date with grant opportunities.
  7. Theory of Change/Logic Model: The webinar familiarized new grant writers with terms commonly used in the granting space, specifically highlighting the theory of change and logic model.
  8. Planning and Budgeting: Thompson guided participants on budgeting strategies, project costs, material costs, and administrative costs.
  9. Q&A: Attendees were given time to ask questions through the chat and directly to Thompson.

Capacity Building Webinars

The Grant Writing for Success Webinar, is one of many webinars FBC has planned as part of our Black Builders Network. This webinar aimed to deliver valuable insights and guidance for participants of all experience levels in the grant writing field. By focusing on the mindset required for long-term success, providing useful tools and resources, and emphasizing the keys to success, participants left equipped with the knowledge necessary to plan, organize, and execute successful grant applications. Premium members of the Black Builders Network have the advantage of accessing these webinars on-demand, ensuring continuous learning and growth in their grant writing journey.

Grant Writing for Success Webinar Highlights

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