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January Recap

Equity in Healthcare poster, February 22nd 6pm EST on Zoom

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Q1. In Canada, slavery was abolished in which year?

A) 1807
B) 1833
C) 1865
D) 1834

Q2. In 1967, ten Torontonians – all with a common Caribbean heritage – founded what popular cultural festival?

A) Afrofest
B) Nuit Blanche
C) Caribana
D) WestFest

 Q3. What was the name of the historically significant Black community that existed in Vancouver, BC, known for its vibrant culture and community life?

A) Hogan’s Alley

B) Harlem North
C) Blackstone Heights
D) Liberty Square
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Trivia: D;C;A | Flags: Ghana; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Guyana

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